On the rocks

The Fine Blanche® is delicately iced with frost. Delicious as an aperitif, it goes wonderfully well with smoked or marinated fish, especially salmon, caviar and Roquefort cheese. Served at the end of a meal, it goes perfectly with a sorbet or a chocolate dessert (mousse or fondant). It can be enjoyed with coffee as an excellent fruit brandy.

La Fine Blanche® celebrates life and shares the joy of making the ordinary a wonderful moment.


Fine Blanche® is the new frontier of mixology, a bold alternative to Vodka and Gin to shake up the cocktail world. Its dry taste and the finesse of its natural fruit and flower aromas offer a new territory of freedom and creativity. Powerful and round, it has the character of a future classic.

Its bottle represents a mixture of flowers, minerality and fruits, which symbolize the aromatic explosion of the wine from which it is made.

  • How is Fine Blanche® made?

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  • An original creation by Patrick de Montal

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