From Vine to Wine, from Wine to Armagnac, everything happens at the Domaine. Each plot of land, each building, each garden or terrace has been the object of a glance. Much more than a vineyard, Arton is the shared dream of Patrick and Victoire de Montal. It is the love of a place that has been rediscovered, revisited and reinvented. But Arton wouldn’t be Arton if this art of living wasn’t shared. Come and visit!

The Genius of Location

Once Upon a Time in Arton… Discover our Story!

Did you know that the iconic “M” that overlooks the gate of the domaine has always been there? Patrick de Montal and Victoire de Montesquiou have taken it as a sign that Arton was always waiting for them. 


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Patrick de Montal

Although Patrick de Montal hasn’t always been a winemaker, he had always dreamt of it. Fortis Atque Fidelis (Strong and Loyal) is the family motto. Vigorous, he has braved the tribulations of his conversion with faith and perseverance in order to create from scratch a vineyard that lives up to his passion.

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Victoire de Montesquiou

A partner in dreams and a partner in life, she is the woman behind the man, the one who instilled confidence and strength in Patrick de Montal. With enthusiasm and passion, she shares her unwavering support and fashions Arton in her image. She is the soul of Arton!

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Fabrice Saramon

Since 2002, Fabrice Saramon and Patrick de Montal have formed a unique partnership determining the aromatic signature of Arton wines.

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Life at the domaine