Armagnac is distilled wine. The better the wine, the more the distillation will bring out the quintessence of its aromas. By means of a special still, the eau de vie comes out at only 54 degrees of alcohol, it is the Blanche d’Armagnac. Once placed in oak barrels, the Blanche d’Armagnac is transformed into Armagnac and continues to evolve until it is bottled.

Pure, authentic, Blanche d’Armagnac is the only truly natural white spirit. While spirits such as Gin and Vodka, “burned” by distillation, are artificially flavored, Blanche d’Armagnac preserves the fruity aromas of the wine from which it is made: Armagnac distillation preserves the organic matter of the fresh wine that gives the Gascon brandy its full flavor. We distill in its purity, we do not add anything. This is the grace of our Fine Blanche® !