The name “Château: that we find on the bottles of our Armagnacs signify that our Armagnacs are all exclusively made from raisins both grown and harvested on our property.  These grapes were made into wine and distilled, aged and bottled at our vineyard.

The designation is a reference to a vigneron, or an independent grower, who grows the grapes himself and produces both the wine for distillation and the Armagnac himself.  He possesses a dealer number that shows that the grapes for the Armagnac are grown and produced on the domaine, and also that meticulous care is given to them daily. It distinguishes them from Wine Traders or those who are part of an Agricultural Cooperative. The labels on their bottles carry the notice “bottled at the château/domaine”. They must hold an AOC designation in order to use the word “Château”